If your home or workspace has a driveway that is either asphalt or concrete, but it is beginning to look old and worn out, it has noticeable cracks or potholes, and you can see the fading on the surface, then you may be wondering if there is an alternative option that will work better and last longer. The two main materials that are commonly used for driveways are asphalt and concrete, but each one has its own pros and cons, so let’s discuss them.

Characteristics of asphalt vs. concrete

  • Less durable than concrete
  • Requires sealing every few years but concrete does not
  • Does not stain as easily as concrete
  • Easier to repair than concrete
  • You can drive on asphalt sooner after it is applied
  • More affordable than concrete
  • Does not perform well in warm months, but concrete can crack in the cooler months

As you can see now, asphalt and concrete have a good amount of differences that you should take into consideration when choosing which one will be best for your home or workspace.

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