Your parking lot may have had a few cracks and damaged areas sprout up. If you have noticed these or have had issues pop up with customers, there are a few simple routes to amend that damage.

What has been causing our asphalt to crack?

The leading cause is often brakes being used intensely on the surface, high volume of usage, and swelling from moisture. Parking lot operators in areas inclement throughout the year will see more moisture build up. Also, in hotter areas, you can expect to have those cracks crumble more consistently. Luckily, this is avoidable with steady maintenance.

Can I do the maintenance myself?

In most cases, yes. You’ll be able to handle the patchwork yourself. However, this is highly time consuming the majority of the time. Your best option moving forward is to have the site professionally assessed. Fortunately, that’s something we handle.

Give us a call today to have your property’s asphalt quickly assessed, and a new plan to be put in place moving forward. We will customize our service to best suit your needs and go in-depth with how our process will give you desirable results. We’re looking forward to getting on-site and working on your property soon!